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About us

Hotto Link is the largest Japanese social data provider and leader in Japanese social media analytics.
Our mission is. “Make the world Hotto.”
We exist to create the world where all the people can feel “Hotto”
(“Hotto” means “be releieved” in Japanese)

Our buisiness concept is expressed by three keywords,
Big Data, Social, and Cloud.

Big Data, Social, and Cloud

Hotto Link’s business concept

We believe Big Data Market is segmented into five layers.


First layer is, Big Data. Most companies don’t have Big Data, they have only their own data. So if they try to take the advantage of Big Data service, they have to gather data. That is a first barrier.
Next layer is IT Infrastructure. They have to store Big Data, but don't know how to establish the tens of terabytes of data storage system by themselves. Then, they need to analyze the Big Data, with easily calculating.
Then, they need applications to get some results for analysing. Finally, these 4 layers are ready on the table, a data scientist can do their job. These each layer, there are big benders. So, clients have to pick one company in each layer, and then, have to integrated those five solution to one solution. Do you think it's a good decision?
The case of Social BigData, we started the service since 2005 , including 1st-4th layer. We gather the whole social data, mainly Japanese every day, store BigData in our own system, analyze, and develop analysis application which is very easy to use for people in Japan. And also we are providing consultation. Our clients don’t have to spend so much time for just choosing 5 companies.


Tokyo headquarters

Hotto Link Inc.
Fujimi Duplexbiz Bldg.5F, 1-3-11 Fujimi-cho, Chiyoda- ku,Tokyo 102-0071 JAPAN