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Measuring the public response of a product release Using

When you input any brand name or competed name to our system, Big Data is instantly anlysing with our real-time Big Data Analysis Engine. That can show how much people talking about your brand. Again, Artificial Intelligent Engine analyzing the author’s gender, positive or negative sentiment, etc.

We have whole Japanese blog articles, bulletin board, 2ch(Japanese BBS like 4ch) , Yahoo! Q and A, or Twitter data is stored on the database. It's like a search engine.
Search enging is doing same things, for example google blog serch, Yahoo! Blog serch. Like that, crawl the data. Our coverage of Social Media, is more than google search or Yahoo! search or so on. Because, system is fit to social media data. Case of google or Yahoo!, they adjust search, and find article. But our case, realtime analyzing context and article result. So that realtime processing was made.

Hottolink also provides the largest Japanese social media data and analytics engines by API.





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